Danny  has performed at The DC Improv, Gotham, Broadway Comedy Club, The Baltimore Comedy Factory, Cozzy's Comedy Club, Greenwich Village Comedy Club, GALA Hispanic Theatre, The North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival, The Laughing Skull Comedy Festival, Sully’s Comedy Cellar, The Baltimore Annual ArtScape, The Arlington Cinema Draft House, Liberty Laughs Comedy Club, DSI Comedy Theatre, Wolftrap, Side Splitters Comedy Club, The Navy Heritage Burke Theatre, and Toured the SUNY Colleges.  He has also appeared on Univision, Capital Comedy Connection for Montgomery Community Media, and Wildin' Out Wednesday on TV One's News One Now with Roland Martin.

Tulio Loza

Eddie Murphy

George Carlin

John Ritter

Comedy Influences


Whenever Danny Rolando takes the stage someone finds a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow while riding a unicorn. His material is extracted from life experiences sprinkled with his sarcastic twist. He describes growing up Latino in America as a double life, being Latino at home and American outside the house, the unusual combination of eating Peruvian food for dinner while watching Three’s Company. Having spent the first eight years of his life in Peru, living through rock fights, earthquakes, black outs, and food lines, he finds excitement in the idea that chaos or a natural catastrophe can occur at any moment. His biggest fear is that he will not have enough time to put on socks before running out of the house if such natural disaster would strike. He no longer worries about the devil coming for him but he is still somewhat afraid of the dark. His idea of a great car is one that runs and believes UFOs are people from the future that bought tickets to go on a tour of the past. In his spare time he can be found sitting on a rock trying to figure out the mysteries of the universe, like who made up the rules… like who looked at an egg and said, let's fry this...




He has opened for Alonzo Bodden, Tony Woods, Gary Owen, Todd Rexx, Cory Fernandez, Allan Havey from Curb Your Enthusiasm, and singing legend Julio Iglesias.